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Before bringing serious criminal charges against a person, prosecutors may seek an indictment from a grand jury. This helps prosecutors show that there is sufficient evidence to charge someone with a crime. A district attorney or a grand jury at the state or federal level can bring criminal charges. If you were notified that you are being investigated by a grand jury, you can defend your rights by hiring a Beverly Hills grand jury investigation lawyer.

Beverly Hills Grand Jury Investigation Lawyer

How a Grand Jury Works

California grand juries investigate state crimes (often felonies) that are brought forward by law enforcement agencies. Grand jury members can question victims and witnesses, review evidence, and decide as a group whether there is sufficient evidence to charge someone (indict) with a crime. The standard they use is probable cause, meaning that they indict if they believe it is more likely than not that someone committed a crime.

If the grand jury moves forward with an indictment, they do so by issuing a true bill of indictment. The defendant is then formally charged with a crime and the defendant can argue their innocence in criminal court. If the grand jury does not believe that the accused person committed a crime or that no crime was committed, the grand jury issues a no true bill.

Grand juries often hear many cases over long periods of time. This is a feature that differentiates grand juries from civil or criminal juries that are assembled only to hear one case.

How a Federal Grand Jury Works

Federal grand juries work similarly to state criminal grand juries. Randomly selected citizens hear evidence presented by a federal prosecutor. After hearing testimony and reviewing evidence, the jurors decide whether there is probable cause that someone violated a federal law.

Federal grand juries must be representative of the communities where the grand jury gathers. They are chosen randomly from federal jury lists, which is similar to the way state grand juries are selected. Federal grand jury investigations and gatherings are not open to the public.

Benefits of Hiring a Grand Jury Investigation Defense Attorney

Whether you are facing an investigation by a state or federal grand jury, you still have constitutional rights. This includes protections against self-incrimination. The grand jury does not have to hear from the defense attorney, but they may ask for evidence that suggests the accused is innocent. A defense attorney can gather relevant evidence so the prosecution is aware of it. Ask potential defense attorneys for examples of representative cases similar to yours.

A grand jury investigation defense attorney can draft and file motions for you. Anyone being investigated by a grand jury must comply with certain orders like subpoenas. Your attorney can help you comply with lawful orders while ensuring that your rights are fully protected throughout the process.

While the grand jury conducts its investigation, your defense attorney can begin their own investigation with the goal of uncovering and collecting evidence that supports your innocence. If the state or federal government has a strong case, your attorney can get your side of the story out. Often, there are mitigating circumstances that could prompt prosecutors to reduce the penalties you face.

If the grand jury does indict you, that does not mean that you committed the crime with which you are accused. A grand jury only works on probable cause. To be convicted, the prosecutor must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Your lawyer can work to prevent that from happening.


Q: How Is a Grand Jury Used to Investigate a Defendant?

A: A grand jury can be used to investigate state or federal crimes. The jury is gathered. They then subpoena witnesses and gather evidence. Grand jury proceedings are secret. The prosecutor provides instructions on what the jury is expected to do and how probable cause works. Once the jury deliberates, they issue their decision to indict or not indict.

Q: How Much Do Grand Jurors Get Paid?

A: Grand jurors are not paid large amounts of money for their service. Many view being on a grand jury as fulfilling a civic duty. Stanislaus County, for example, pays members of a criminal grand jury $15 per day. Jurors who have financial obligations can claim financial hardship if they are not able to commit to being on a grand jury.

Q: How Are Grand Jurors Selected?

A: California grand jurors are selected at random using the same system for selecting civil and criminal court juries. Jurors are given a date and location. If they are selected and have no valid exemption, they will serve for the duration needed. Federal grand juries are required to be representative of the surrounding community.

Q: Will the Grand Jury Hear My Side of the Story?

A: Unfortunately, grand juries are not obligated to hear the defendant’s side of the story. Witnesses may make statements that support the defendant’s innocence, and the grand jury members can request information that may undermine the criminal allegations. Many defendants have to wait until after an indictment to have their side of the story heard.

Q: Do Grand Juries Always Indict?

A: No, a grand jury can decline to indict a person if it does not find sufficient evidence to show probable cause. Because the burden of proof for probable cause is much lower than proof beyond a reasonable doubt, many cases that are brought before a grand jury result in an indictment. Being indicted does not mean that the defendant is guilty. Many indictments later result in charges being dropped or penalties being greatly reduced in criminal court.

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If you were notified that a grand jury is investigating you for a state or federal crime, you can protect your rights and increase the chances of a favorable outcome by working with an experienced grand jury investigation defense attorney in Beverly Hills.

The attorneys at Law Offices of Marc S. Nurik have helped many people who are facing indictment by a grand jury. Our attorneys can represent you whether you are facing state or federal criminal charges. To schedule your consultation, contact our office today.

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