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There are a myriad of financial projects being created and developed in Los Angeles, as well as transactions taking place within and outside of the area. In some instances, business and financial ties can become complex, and the lines of legality can seem blurry.

If you are facing criminal charges for a white collar crime, it is critical to seek support from a Los Angeles white collar lawyer. An attorney from the Law Offices of Marc S. Nurik can defend your rights and reputation.

Facing white collar crime charges can be devastating and even unexpected; however, there are multiple strategies that your lawyer can launch to fight them. The white collar crime legal team at the Law Offices of Marc S. Nurik has years of experience helping our clients fight white collar charges ranging from securities fraud to insurance fraud and Ponzi schemes.

Whether you are facing California state charges or federal criminal charges, our legal team can analyze your case details and help determine your optimal defense strategy moving forward.

What Is a Los Angeles White-Collar Crime?

While many individuals have heard of “white-collar crime” and can provide examples, they might be unable to define the term. The term was invented in 1939 by Edwin Sutherland and refers to crimes that are committed by lying, violating trust, concealing facts, and using deceit. A white collar crime does not have to include physical violence or the use of force. In fact, white collar crimes are usually not violent crimes.

White collar crimes are committed in order to win a profit and are carried out in order to gain a competitive personal or business advantage, as well as to avoid losses of services, assets, or property. In a white collar crime, there is always involvement of a victim or victims who stand to lose a great capacity and can even face a complete loss of assets or property.

Victims could be a business, person, family, organization, or company. They could fall into a trap that causes them to lose everything in a family bank account, for example, or millions in corporate investments. Regardless of who the victim is, the losses incurred can be significant. With the rise in digitalization and advanced technology, white collar schemes are becoming more sophisticated, demanding the attention of federal agencies, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI.

Who Commits White-Collar Crimes?

White collar crimes can technically be perpetrated by anyone; however, they are typically carried out by individuals who are working for a corporation or the government. The defendant in a white collar crime case can be an individual or a group of people who have taken illegal action to yield financial gains either indirectly or directly.

Many defendants facing charges may not have been aware of the fact that they were breaking the law due to the complexity of California state and federal financial-related laws.

The Main Categories of White Collar Crimes in Los Angeles, CA

All white collar crimes are carried out in order to seek profit. While profit is the unifying factor tying all white collar crimes together, the mode by which money is made can look drastically different from crime to crime. White collar crimes can be difficult to prosecute, as finding sufficient evidence to prove such a crime can be challenging. The main categories that classify white collar crimes committed in Los Angeles, CA, include:

  • Forgery is committed when a document, such as a contract or check, is modified to falsify relevant associated information or transfer ownership to another party. Such modifications can injure or defraud the recipient of the falsified piece. Examples include forging a check to cash it in a false proprietor’s name or manufacturing and selling a forged piece of art.
  • Insider Trading. Insider trading is a type of illegal trading of financial information within and outside of a company. If a stakeholder or employee uses certain information that is unknown to others in order to trade and make a profit, and they do not widely share this pertinent financial information, then it is considered to be insider trading.
  • Bribery is committed when an individual takes or offers something of a certain value to influence the actions of another individual. For example, a defendant may bribe someone in an attempt to force them to act in a certain way or express specific opinions. Bribery often occurs in the government when someone pays large sums of money to a politician to vote a certain way or implement a policy.
  • Fraud crimes involve inaccurately representing facts in order to subsequently make a profit. Fraud crimes typically involve intentional false statements. The victim may take the false statement to be true and use the false information to take an action that causes them to lose something.

White collar crimes all have serious associated penalties, such as years in jail or prison and hefty fines. Furthermore, even an accusation of a white collar crime can lead to a tarnished reputation that can bleed into your social and family life. If you are facing criminal charges for a white collar crime, it is crucial to contact a white collar attorney from the Law Offices of Marc S. Nurik, who can help you fight the charges.

White Collar Crimes Charges That Our Los Angeles Attorney Can Defend

The white collar crime legal team at the Law Offices of Marc S. Nurik has years of experience helping our clients build optimal defense strategies to have their charges either reduced or dropped. Some of the following charges that our white collar crimes attorney has ample experience with defending include:

  • Securities Fraud. Such fraud crimes require using manipulation, presenting false information, or carrying out other unlawful activities in commodities or stock markets in order to manipulate stocks and betray or cheat investors.
  • Check Fraud. Check fraud happens when an individual modifies a check to gain access to financial assets or utilizes a check that is not their property in order to make monetary gains. Examples of check fraud include producing counterfeits, changing check amounts or banking information, and forging signatures.
  • Consumer Fraud. Consumer fraud refers to any schemes implemented to defraud consumers, such as making false advertisements and not properly representing a service or product. By using consumer fraud, companies gain an unfair advantage over customers.
  • Wire Fraud. Wire fraud involves using digital technologies to take assets or property from an individual or organization. This type of fraud usually involves deception or providing false information.
  • Embezzlement involves someone taking advantage of a position of trust in which they have access to or authorization to manage certain funds. They leverage their power to push for personal financial gain.
  • Mail Fraud. While less common in the digital age, mail fraud is still a common white collar crime that is committed through using the postal services. Offenders may attempt to deceive or provide false information to individuals in order to yield personal financial gain.

The aforementioned crimes are just a few of the types of white collar crimes that our Los Angeles legal team can help you defend against. When working with our team, you’ll be assured that we can pay attention to key details of your case, help you collect critical evidence to fight the prosecution and ensure that your rights are protected.

What Is the California Arraignment Process?

In Los Angeles, the arraignment is part of the lengthy legal process. It allows individuals who have been charged with crimes to become aware of their specific charges, rights, and bail. They may hire legal counsel and determine whether they will enter into a plea agreement.

The first step in the arraignment process involves a formal notification to the defendant of their charges from the court, which is considered to be a fundamental right under federal and state law. By clearly understanding the charges against them and their subsequent implications, defendants can become aware of the penalties that they may be facing and start to work toward planning their defense.

During arraignment, the court explains to defendants their rights, including the right to legal representation and the right to remain silent, which are constitutional rights. By understanding their rights, defendants can take action to protect themselves under the law and not further incriminate or implicate themselves in further crimes or charges.

Steps in the Arraignment Process

During the arraignment process, the defendant is given the opportunity to move into an initial plea in response to the presented charges. The pleas that they can traditionally offer are “no contest,” “guilty,” or “not guilty.” The defendant’s initial plea response lays the groundwork for the legal proceedings down the line and triggers the court to be able to begin scheduling trials, hearings, and other processes based on the plea.

If the defendant is in custody at the time of arraignment, they are presented with the opportunity to address bail. During arraignment, the court will make the decision about whether or not the defendant can be released on bail and what the bail amount will be. Bail deliberations are a critical part of the arraignment process, as they determine the extent of freedom that the defendant will have during the rest of the legal proceedings.

The defendant can declare their legal representation during the arraignment process. If they have already acquired an attorney, then the formal reading process can be waived, ultimately expediting the arraignment process.

Overall, arraignment is a critical part of a defendant’s legal proceedings that sets the stage for the development of their case and can influence the final outcome. If you are facing white collar crime charges, it’s critical to have an experienced and compassionate lawyer represent you through the arraignment process.

Punishments for Los Angeles White Collar Crimes

The punishment for a Los Angeles white collar crime can vary greatly depending on whether the charges are classified as a felony or misdemeanor. If a defendant is charged with a white collar misdemeanor, this is a serious crime that can result in detention in jail for a period of months, but never greater than a year. While defendants might only be charged with a misdemeanor white collar crime, their employer may choose to fire them due to their tarnished professional reputation.

White collar felony crimes are more serious and associated with more severe punishments than misdemeanor crimes. If convicted of a felony, the minimum time that an individual must spend in California state prison is one year. They will also likely have to pay large fines, which are dependent on the amount of assets involved in their case.

If convicted of a felony white collar crime, individuals can lose their professional licenses and face difficulty being hired again, especially in the same field where they were working prior to arrest.

Furthermore, convicted white collar felons can face challenges securing financial opportunities, such as loans for opening businesses or buying real estate. Overall, a white collar crime conviction can affect Californians professionally and financially, as well as personally, as a bad reputation could bleed into social circles.

The severe penalties and collateral consequences associated with white collar crimes illustrate the necessity to get in touch with a Los Angeles White Collar lawyer who can fight for your cause and defend your rights and interests at all costs. By working with an experienced attorney from the Law Offices of Marc S. Nurik, you can take steps to take back control of your life and your reputation.

Work With a Los Angeles White Collar Lawyer From the Law Offices of Marc S. Nurik

If you are facing white collar crime charges in Los Angeles, you do not have to go through bureaucratic and legal processes alone. Many individuals who are charged with white collar crimes have never been exposed to the criminal justice system before and may be feeling overwhelmed and unsure about what steps to take to protect themselves.

A white collar lawyer from the Law Offices of Marc S. Nurik can guide you through the details of your case, help you understand your charges, and start working toward a strong defense that can optimize case outcomes. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our legal team to get started today.

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